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Criminal Defense

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We can assist you if you receive a traffic ticket or are arrested and charged with a crime. The outcome of a criminal case, including traffic violations and DUI, is usually better for a person charged with the offense when they have the assistance of a defense attorney. Knowing your rights and understanding the consequences of a potential guilty plea can best be understood with the assistance of an experienced professional.

Real Estate

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We represent people who are buying or selling their homes. For many people the purchase or sale of a home is one of the biggest financial transactions of their life. Using experienced professionals to assist you, including a Realtor™ and an experienced real estate attorney, can provide peace of mind in these important transactions.


We also represent people who are buying or selling commercial properties. These transactions often are more involved than residential transactions and may involve the sale of other assets. Many of our clients are also involved in the rental of residential or commercial properties, and we counsel them on their rights as landlords.

Family Law

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We represent people in dissolution (divorce) cases, child custody and child support matters. This is a particularly challenging area of law and the services of an experienced lawyer can make a huge difference in getting through a very stressful time. Child custody matters are particularly difficult, and the assistance of an experienced attorney is required. We also assist with post-dissolution matters including child custody, child support and maintenance.

Estate Planning

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We assist people with estate planning, including the preparation of Wills, Revocable Trusts, and Powers of Attorney. Your estate is comprised of everything you own or will own. No matter how large or modest your estate may be, everyone has an estate and something in common—you can’t take it with you. You do have the ability to provide for the people or organizations you wish to receive it. To be sure your wishes are carried out, you need to use a Will or Trust to provide who will receive your property, what they will receive, and when they are to receive it. We can help you to accomplish this with the least amount paid in taxes and costs of administration. You may also want to provide for periods of disability during your lifetime through the use of powers of attorney for financial matters and for health care. An experienced professional can help you with the formulation of your plan.

Estate Administration

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We also assist with the administration of estates and trusts and the probate of wills after the death of the maker. Efficiently transferring property to the beneficiaries of a decedent involves issues of whether a formal estate process is necessary or whether there are other, usually less expensive and time consuming, options available. If a formal estate is necessary, we can help with the necessary processes and procedures to successfully complete the transfer of assets of a decedent.

Personal Injury

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We can assist you if you have been injured in an auto accident or who have otherwise sustained damages which were incurred as a result of the negligence of others. When you have been injured, it is important to consult with an attorney when dealing with the insurance company of the person who caused the injury. The insurance company is looking out for its best interests, not yours, and receiving counsel concerning your rights and the compensation you may be able to receive can be crucial.

Business Organization and Maintenance

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We assist with organizing and advising business entities, including corporations and limited liability companies (LLC’s) and with advice regarding the structure of the entity. We also can help with business contracts, leases and other issues that arise in engaging in business.